1. Call, text or email us to book an appointment at your home or office.
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2. You will be given a 2 hour arrival window and will receive a call upon arrival. If there is any delay, we WILL call you!

3. Sit back as we load up one of our custom built, high sided trailers (we can take up to 4.5 cubic metres of rubbish per load!)

4. Your rubbish is taken away on the spot, without the hassles of waiting around for a skip bin to be picked up and is thoughtfully
    disposed of at a licensed Melbourne waste disposal site.
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How our Rubbish Removal Service Works
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Our convenient Melbourne rubbish removal service not only helps you save plenty of money, but also time and effort.

With over 5 years of industry experience, we know the easiest and most affordable ways to remove your unwanted rubbish! Let us show you how...
There's always rubbish and there's always ways we can help to reduce its impact on our environment. Not all waste can be recycled, but our team endeavours to recycle rubbish wherever possible.

All rubbish, including recyclable materials are taken to licensed Melbourne waste transfer stations and sorted.
(landfill sites are used if time constraints apply, however these sites can recycle cardboard and metals)

Any items which can be given a second chance at life will be kept aside to ensure they aren't disposed of.
We donate useable items to charities on a regular basis and assist low income families and those in need because if it isn't rubbish, why throw it out?

If you like what you hear, contact us by phone or fill out the form at the top of this page!
Recycling & Responsible Waste Disposal
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