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Wasted Rubbish Removal (ABN 90 138 328 314)

Wasted Rubbish Removal provides a rubbish removal service for both residential and commercial customers. Our service involves the removal of rubbish from a property designated by the customer and disposal of the rubbish at a disposal site.

Materials we do not accept include, but are not limited to:
- heavy material (bricks, concrete, cement, tiles, soil/dirt/clay etc)
- asbestos
- food waste/rotten waste
- liquid waste
- flammable materials
- hazardous/chemical/poisonous waste
- biological & clinical waste

Additional charges will apply if any of the above materials are found during disposal. These items will be returned if they cannot be safely disposed of at the site.

Wasted Rubbish Removal has the right to refuse work or stop work on any job which may pose a safety or security threat to our Staff, a Customer or the general public. In this event, the customer will only be charged for work which has been completed.

All jobs are priced dependant on the volume of rubbish removed, however in certain circumstances there may be additional costs involved such as:
- difficult access, including above/below ground level work
- additional labour requirements
- surcharge items (mattresses, tyres, gas bottles)
Any surcharges will be determined upon siting the job, however if any additional work is deemed necessary during the completion of a job the customer will be advised and no further work will be undertaken unless approval has been given.

Customers who have jobs which require a higher volume of resources to complete may be asked to pay a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of any work. No work will commence until full payment has been received or proof of payment has been provided.

Payments can be accepted using the following methods:
- cash
- EFTPOS ($1 surcharge applies)
- credit card (2.9% surcharge applies)
- EFT/direct deposit (commercial work only)
Please note we do not accept cheques.

All residential jobs must be paid for in full on the completion of work.
All commercial jobs which are invoiced have payment terms of 24 hours, however immediate payment is preferred.

Any overdue payments which have not been received within the above time frame will be forwarded to our debt recovery service.
All costs associated with the recovery of the overdue amount will be payable by the customer.

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